How to work out during your Vacation

 by Liesa Huppertz
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After more than a year of not having gone on any vacation, I was really looking forward to my seven-days-trip to Italy. All I wanted to do was enjoy the sun, have a swim in the pool and do some nice outdoor workouts. Of course, I also wouldn't say no to a nice glass of vino ;)

So often, you start out with all these good intentions. However, in the end, you have to confess that time, as always, was just too short. That is what happened to me. We went for city trips, slept in late or just relaxed at the pool. Also, I didn't exactly find the best running- route, which made it especially hard to stick to my plan. With the right strategy, however, it is not too hard to pull through with your holiday workout. And I wasn't particularly lazy during my vacation either. So today's blog post is all about my holiday workout and how you will be able to pull through with yours during your holidays. At the end of the post you'll find an infographic with all my exercises. I hope you will enjoy my workout. Feel free to share it :)

Staying motivated: How to pull through with your holiday workout

Completing your workout during holidays can be hard. Especially if you have a stressful job and look forward to finally being able to sleep in and relax, it's not easy. I totally get that! However, keep in mind that also sport is a great way to de-stress. Also, the holiday scenery might be a very welcomed change in your workout routine.

Embrace your holiday setting

During your holidays try to embrace your surroundings. Maybe swimming is your favorite workout in the world but at home you don't have a pool nearby. Or you love to run outdoors but you live in the city with bad running conditions. During your holidays, however, you can do all that. Go for a swim in your hotel's pool or challenge yourself with a run up the hills. Maybe this change of scenery is all you needed to spice up your workout routine.

The same workout, a different scenery

Whilst being on holidays, try to move your usual fitness program to your vacation spot. Try to remember exercises, stretches, and routines that you usual do in class and do them on your own.

Pack light

You don't need a lot of equipment to complete a great workout. Most exercises can be done with your own body weight. If that's too boring for you, you can always bring some light equipment. I usually bring my jump rope and some [resistance loop bands]("%}}. They can be rolled up and fit in any shoe. I don't even need a workout mat as I can use a towel instead. As an alternative to small weights, I simply use some filled water bottles. Apart from that, all I need is an outfit or two and my running shoes.

Make your workout a daily ritual

As you know by now, it takes approximately 21 days to build up a habit. Make use of this knowledge and start your workout routine three weeks before going on holidays. Before you know it you won't think twice about getting into your running shoes. It will be totally natural to start your day off with some fitness.

Reward yourself for every workout

Especially during holidays we want to enjoy good food, some wine and of course dessert! So why don't you treat yourself for every workout you've completed? Wouldn't that be a great deal?! You could have that chocolate pie, that coffee with extra cream or these pancakes for breakfast without even feeling guilty. You earned it!

My Holiday Workout Step by step

So much for theory! I must say that especially the ritual part worked for me as the rest just came along with it. I try to do at least a small workout every day and I really feel bad if I cannot work out for more than two days. When working out on holidays I usually opt for very basic exercises. I do some repetitions and a nice cardio part between. 

So in this workout, I only did six different exercises targeting the legs and the core. I know I should do much more for my arms and shoulders as well but somehow these are my least favorite exercises. 

I did two rounds of these exercises, each with a duration of 30 seconds, respectively 30 seconds each side. After every exercise, I did a cardio workout alternating between 30 seconds of rope jumping and 30 seconds of box jumping. After every 30 seconds of exercising, I was having a 10 seconds break. In the end, I don't need much more than 25 minutes for this very effective workout

My Workout

Standard crunch: Primarily targets the rectus abdominis (six-pack muscles). Not the most effective abdominal exercise, contrary to popular beliefs, but still a classic.

Twisting sit-up: Traditional sit-up with an added twisting motion. Good for overall core strength and a definition of your abs. Primarily works your oblique muscles. Do one interval to each site, then add the cardio sequence.

standard crunch Twisting Sit-up

Oblique sit-ups: Another exercise for your oblique muscles for a slim waistline. Lift legs from the floor, one arm flat on the ground, the other behind the head. Then lift your side up and down. 

Side plank hip dip: Great exercise for a tighter waistline. Drop your hip to the floor and push it up again.

Oblique sit-up Side Plank Hip Dip

Side-lying leg lifts: This classic exercise tightens the outer thighs.  Opt for a resistance exercise loop band for an extra challenge.

Inner leg lifts: This exercise tightens and strengthens your inner thighs.

Leg Lift Inner Leg Lift

In between each set of exercises, add rope jumping or, alternatively, box jumping.

Cardio Box Jumping Cardio Rope Jumping

Embracing my surroundings

Most of the time my holidays are pretty active as we do a lot of walking and exploring. Also, we usually don't stay at one place for too long. This vacation, however, was different. This was actually my first vacation where I really stayed at one place. A classic holiday, as you know it, you might say. That's why I wanted to try to work out extra much. 

As I said before, I didn’t find the best running-route so I went for some up-hill running. Usually, I run rather flat routes, so this was quite a challenge for me. I was also absolutely thrilled to find out that they had horses at our little farm, so I really wanted to try out horseback riding for the first time ever!
 Also, I made use of our pool and went for a swim in the evening. That was such a perfect way to end the day!

Thinking back to this holiday I must say that even though it was totally different from our usual holidays, it was a great way to de-stress and try out some new sports and workouts whilst having the perfect surrounding.

holiday workout routine holiday workout routine

I am wearing: Pants by Freddy (similar here), Bra: old (similar here) and Top by Adidas

holiday workout infographic

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