50+ Inspiring Female Entrepreneur Interviews

 by Liesa Huppertz
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At the moment, I love listening to podcast of female entrepreneurs sharing their story. Even though I cannot follow their biography step by step, after listening to a handful of interviews, you connect the dots of the most important ingredients to become a female entrepreneur. In this article, I want to share all interviews I have found yet only partly listened to them myself so far, to be honest. If you have other inspiring podcasts, podcast episodes, or also written interviews, you can share them in the comments below. It would be great to have an extensive list of interviews of successful business women at one place.

Before I start with the podcast interviews and written interviews of successful women in business, I want to share with you my top source to find out more about successful women (and men). It's AMAs! I love AMAs (Ask Me Anything), because not an interviewer is asking the questions, but a community of people. There is a great variety of questions to ask a woman entrepreneur depending on their field of expertise. That's why I love this Ask Me Anything on Reddit. There is no filter for female entrepreneur's AMA, but you may figure it out yourself by sorting the Subreddit by popularity and looking for the names of the people doing the AMA. I love to go through the list myself and finding yet another interesting collection of questions answered by a successful individual.

Podcast Interviews with female Entrepreneurs on Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers shares stories from entrepreneurs bootstrapping their businesses often without venture capital. Everyone has a different story, but you can find repetitive patterns in them. A handful of the interviews are with female entrepreneurs too. Unfortunately, the tech sector is still dominated by men, but more women start their venture with a technical company as well. You can find all Podcasts of Indie Hackers by Courtland Allen on iTunes.

More Interviews with female Entrepreneurs on Indie Hackers

Even though the ratio between (technical) male and female interviews is imbalanced, you can find inspiring written interviews from female entrepreneurs on Indie Hackers too. There are a couple of great filters, for instance, to find people with or without coding skills, for the written interviews. Unfortunately, there is no male/female filter yet. Maybe this little hint reaches Courtland Allen, who is doing a great job with Indie Hackers, well ;)

The Tim Ferriss Show: Interviews with female Entrepreneurs

Tim Ferris, who got popular with the The 4-Hour Workweek, of The Tim Ferris Show shares self-help tips, life advices, and success stories on his podcast. You can find interviews with female entrepreneurs on his podcast too. In contrast to Indie Hackers, most women interviewed on this podcast don't have a technical background.

Plant Proof Podcast and their Interviews with Women

The Plant Proof Podcast by Simon Hill is about Plant Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories. Even though the podcast and the interviews are not centred around entrepreneurship, it features stories from inspiring women (and men) who are entering this field of expertise in their spare time or as entrepreneurs. Every Plant Proof Podcast Episode can be found on iTunes.

Successful Women in Business with TED Talks

The list of successful women in business wouldn't be complete without mentioning TED talks. There are far too many TED talks out there to list all of them with women. But I have found great ways to filter them to my needs. These are a couple of good links to get you started.

More Interviews with Women with Businesses

If you haven't enough yet, here are a few more text and audio format interviews of female entrepreneurs. I didn't go through all of them yet, only picked a few episodes and interviews here and there myself. But they seem promising, so I wanted to include them here.

I hope the interviews with female entrepreneurs help you to get inspiration and motivation on your journey like they do it for me. If you have any other inspiring interviews from successful women in business, let me know about them in the comments. What other podcasts, episodes, written interviews or maybe also YouTube channels/episodes can you recommend? I would love to keep the list up to date with recent and quality interviews of female entrepreneurs.

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